01. Neil plays drums in a little [band] he's started with a few friends.
02. We gave our daughters tickets to see her favorite [band] in concert for her birthday present.
03. The Beatles are probably the most popular [band] that has ever been.
04. He wrapped a [band] of cloth around his forehead to keep the sweat out of his eyes.
05. A [band] of rebels attacked the village and killed over forty people.
06. In 1970, Beatle Paul McCartney decided to leave the [band] and begin a solo career.
07. Eric Clapton has played lead guitar for a number of different [bands] over the years.
08. He didn't remove his wedding [band] until about five years after his wife's death.
09. After spending a week on the beach in Mexico, Oscar was pretty tanned, except for a [band] of white skin around his wrist from his watch.
10. Marly and his buddies [banded] together to buy some junk food and rent video games for their sleep-over.
11. The biologists were capturing eagles and [banding] them for future identification.
12. The birds have [bands] around their legs that can be tracked by an electronic monitoring system which will allow scientists to follow their migration down the coast.
13. We asked the [band] to play some more lively music so that we could dance.
14. Thomas Beecham once joked that brass [bands] are all very well in their place; outdoors and several miles away.
15. An artist from a local native [band] has done a beautiful painting for the new community center.
16. Leon Big Canoe has been elected chief of the [band] for a second term.
17. Musician Bob Geldorf once remarked that most people get into [bands] for three very simple rock and roll reasons: to get laid, to get fame, and to get rich.
18. I was going to ask out this beautiful girl at the party until I noticed the gold [band] around her finger.
19. The workers have [banded] together to form a union.
20. A small [band] of protesters were at the convention center to greet the President when he came out.
21. In Mexico, young men sometimes hire a mariachi [band] to play music in front of the house of the girl they love.
22. There were some excellent school [bands] from the U.S. playing in this year's Victoria Day parade.
23. The [band] began to play, and the newly married couple came out on the floor for the first dance.
24. The [band] continued to play as the Titanic sank beneath the waves.
25. The [band] is in the studio recording a new album for Christmas.
26. The crowd was growing restless in anticipation of the [band] coming on stage.
27. The [band] is made up of the former members of three different punk rock groups.
28. Teresa is a dedicated fan of the [band], and owns every CD they've ever recorded.
29. Guitarist Sid Vicious of the British punk [band] The Sex Pistols died of a heroin overdose in 1979 at age 22.
30. The steel [band] music of Trinidad and Tobago is an infectious musical rhythm with a strong beat, and notes similar to American jazz.
31. A rainbow is a large [band] of parallel stripes which displays the full spectrum of colors.
32. Many native [bands] in our country have never signed treaties giving ownership of their land to the federal government.
33. A Yiddish proverb suggests that the girl who can't dance says the [band] can't play.

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